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Balancing Patch note 13/06

🚀 Calling all Spacers,

Thank you for your feedback, this patch is the first on our balancing series until the next episode!



Speed 110 to 95

Health 100 to 125 

Boost 70 to 60

Design team intention: Challenge player on Boost Management.

We increased its HP to make it slightly better than the Junker.

Less frenzy, its boost duration is the shortest of any other and high cooldown but the recovery speed bar is fastest than any other.



We wanted to try another rhythmic for this gun. We wanted to increase the “Burst Fire” sensation on the Ricoshaker, to do this we allow 6 burst of 20 bullets, more inputs from the player on the Shoot trigger to empty a Ricoshaker balanced by the opportunity to have them in Dual Wield

We slightly lower the damages between 20 m and 40 m.



Damage Minimum from 120 to 200

Damage Max from 200 to 310


Same duration on Equipment and JET PACK deactivation: 5 sec

EMP SPHERE Duration from 1 sec to 5 sec


Cooldown increased from 12 to 18 sec

Your feedback is very important to us as the game continues to grow! You can reach out to us here on the forums or on our community Discord:

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