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Beta registrations are open! Get in on the Orena Fun!

Wow, look at that humanoid-insect-thing handling that double-barrel-thing and messing up that dude with the minigun who’s blasting away at that poor, defenseless crab-thing…
You could be one of them! (well, hopefully the guy who’s winning…)

The Space Junkies team is looking for players to help us test the game and send us feedback! Check back here for dates and details.

Register here!


2 thoughts on “Beta registrations are open! Get in on the Orena Fun!

  1. Wow!! That looks incredible!!! Lets play!!!
  2. Art Vandelay
    Why is this being advertised on the PS4 and we can't sign up for the beta? On PS4 menus when you go to Werewolves Within > Overview > "More From Werewolves Within". There's a little ad in that section to register for the closed BETA. But going to the sign up page, there's only an option to sign up for PC.

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