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Closed Beta 2 Announced!

Spacers, rejoice! The Closed Beta 2 is coming!

From September 26 to October 1, newcomers and veterans alike are welcome to the Orena for intense shootouts and heated face-offs on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!


A lot has been added to the game since last time, starting with a brand new mode!
In our new 2v2 King mode, players need to seize and keep the crown for as long as possible. The other team will hunt you down without mercy and there is no place to hide as you show up on their intel!

Team coordination and communication are key to set up ambushes against the enemy team in order to get the crown back or to keep the crown for as long as possible. The first team to reach 100 points wins the game!

We’re also introducing **2 brand new maps: Canyon Chase** and **Dark Ice**.

A new equipment is also coming into play: the Medkit! This equipment allows you to quickly regain health between or during fights. The cooldown on it is significant, so you had better make sure to use it wisely! 2 new characters are also stepping into the Orena: shoutout to Templar and Cray-Cray.

To take full advantage of the tactical aspect of the new King mode, we are also introducing the Team-up feature, so you can now invite your friend and get competitive playing against other pre-matched teams. Your friend lists from Oculus, Uplay and Steam are also merged into a single list in-game for convenience so you can invite friends easily.

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One thought on “Closed Beta 2 Announced!

  1. Game does look really promising! Good job lads and gals ;)

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