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Development Update – April 24th

🚀 Calling all Spacers,

Thank you for all of your feedback during the first month of launch! We have been reading all of your thoughts and suggestions over the past month and we intend to address some major community requests over our next few updates.

May 2019

In last month’s Developer Update, we confirmed that PS Move support is in the works. We are excited to announce that smooth turning will be supported soon as well! PS Move support and smooth turning will be added to the game in early May during an upcoming update- stay tuned for more details.

The first episode of our Season 1 content has been added to the game in today’s update- this is free for all players!

  • New Character: The Quantic Calamarii
  • New Map: Orbital Mine
  • New Game Mode: Final Cut
  • New Customization Items

Today’s patch also includes some minor bug fixes and balancing adjustments:

  • SUNBLASTER: Base Damage 25 -> 27
  • COSMIC REAPER: Multiplier damage Headshot “none” ->  1.5, Max ammo 400 -> 120
  • RICOSHAKER: Max Ammo 300 -> 150
  • BIOPUMP: Max Ammo 12 ->  6
  • LURE: Min Damage 75 -> 120
  • MEDKIT: Time to Refill 2 seconds à 4 seconds, Cooldown 20 seconds -> 25 seconds

Space Junkies Sale

After listening to community feedback, we have made the decision to lower the price of Space Junkies by 60% for two weeks. The dates of the sale are as follows:


  • PS4: April 24th – May 8th
  • PC: April 26th – May 10th


  • PC/PS4: April 26th – May 6th

We hope that the lower price will attract more players and make it easier to find a match at all times. We realize that some Pioneers who have already purchased the game may feel troubled over this change; however, we feel that this is the best course of action to maintain a positive game experience. Spacers who currently own the game will receive a special gift as a thank you for their support: 10,000 coins, an Easter helmet plug, and dragon wings!

Share Your Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us as the game continues to grow! You can reach out to us here on the forums or on our community Discord:

You can also ask the developers questions during our upcoming PSVR Reddit AMA on April 25th at 5pm CET/ 11am ET:

That’s all for now! We are very excited to introduce many more features to the game and we can’t wait to share more details on our upcoming plans.

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  1. Wow! I find the decisions and direction of updates I see being enacted as amazing. Wonderful job to keep Space Junkies relevant as it is an amazing game. I love these decisions and hope nothing but the best for this game

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