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Attention Spacers,

Episode 2 has arrived! Another new and exciting update for you with two new maps and a new game mode, find the full details below:

  • New Map : Gunner Station
  • New Map : Final Destination
  • New Mode : InstaBlast
  • Live Update ability on gameplay variables
  • 3dRudder Support


This new ruthless game mode ups the stakes as each player will spawn as Subaru equipped with a deadly single shot weapon that will defeat your enemies in a single hit! Aim well however, as a missed shot could cost you your life as the weapon needs to be reloaded after each shot.

The mode will be playable in both TDM and FFA and the first team/player to reach 20 kills or the highest score after 5 minutes will win the match.

Share Your Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us as the game continues to grow! You can reach out to us here on the forums or on our community Discord:

That’s all for now! We are very excited to introduce many more features to the game and we can’t wait to share more details on our upcoming plans.

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