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Equipment Overview: EMP

Need a fast getaway or looking to slow down your opponent before moving in for the kill? Try the EMP! 

EMP creates a bubble that slows enemies down and deactivates their equipment. Aim carefully, then shoot the EMP at your opponent for maximum impact. This won’t damage your opponent, but it will severely limit their combat capability for a few seconds until the bubble wears off. 

Select your equipment carefully in the armory before the battle begins! EMP can be equipped as a shoulder item, leaving your other shoulder free for lures or sonar

Ready to test out your equipment on the battlefield? Join our official discord and meet other Spacers!

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2 thoughts on “Equipment Overview: EMP

  1. 0
    Hi guys! Thank you for your great creation :D This game became THE GAME for me. It's simple and smooth gameplay, awesome graphics. Fun to play with people! But there is not enough players... we spend so much time in lobby matchmaking. And there is nothing to do while we are waiting. It would be great if you add a lobby or something to do or play with bots while we are searching for other players... or we simply need more players. New mode Instablast is epic, i actually only play it! But why when we are 2 players, we cannot play it? Please add instablast for 2 players. I talk with other players about the game and these things and everyone agrees. For the future, it will be cool to have customizable private games and some unranked/ranked modes. Hope you will read my suggestions! Thank you!
    1. Space Junkies
      Hi Nastia, Thank you for the feedback, we always listen to the community. Bots are on their way, we'll share more on this topic soon enough ;)

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