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Equipment Overview: Lure

Looking to bamboozle your enemies or lead them into a trap? Try the lure! 

This handy piece of equipment allows you to create up to two dummies that look and act exactly like you. The dummies will stay in the same spot, but they explode when shot or if enemies move into close proximity. If your opponent moves in for a sneak attack, they’re in for a shocking surprise! 

How can you access this advanced cloning technology? We’re glad you asked! Select the lure as a shoulder item when you suit up for battle in the armory. In the field, press the weapon trigger to spawn a dummy a few meters from you. Rotate the lure handle to move the dummy into the perfect position before placing it on the map. The cooldown starts as soon as you spawn the first dummy, so time your strategy right for the maximum amount of confusion. 

Now get out there and try out the lure for yourself! Looking to find some friends to play with? Join our official discord and meet other Spacers!

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