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Extreme Space Battles… in VR!


Strap on that jetpack and prepare for lift-off with a brand-new shooter experience! Ubisoft Montpellier is bringing you Space Junkies: a skill-based, fast-paced and unforgiving VR first-person shooter.

Fight other players in microgravity orbital arenas: you will never feel safe again with attackers coming at you from every direction. Dodge and navigate at breakneck speed, make the best use of covers, explosives and destructible environments to escape and counter them. Space Junkies will feature several “Orenas” at launch, so map awareness will be your best ally to dominate the encounters.

Gear up with an advanced arsenal of weapons including shotguns, miniguns, railguns (ALL THE GUNS!), but also slingshots, rocket launchers and even some weird alien technology.
Master each of them in intense duels, strategic 2v2s or treacherous and hectic free-for-alls.

Choose from among a diverse bunch of playable races, from tough humans hardened by decades of galactic warfare to deadly crab-looking aliens. They’ve all come together in this space-time cluster to claim fame and glory in the Orenas.

Experience full VR embodiment, allowing for intuitive manipulation of your equipment, elaborate hand gestures or straight-up shenanigans. (But keep it civil, though, please…)

Space Junkies will be available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and will allow cross-play so that you can compete against friends.

Feeling up to the challenge, spacer? Sign up now for our upcoming live phases.


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