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Looting the Orbital Arenas

Gain experience for every battle in SpaceJunkies!

Earn prize boxes with every level to unlock a wealth of loot including: 

·       Player cards icons

·       Character skins

·       Helmet Plugs

·       Coins

·       And more! 

Prize boxes have a chance to contain loot of every rarity level- common, uncommon, rare, epic, and Legendary. There are no duplicates- if you draw an item that you already have, you will receive a substantial amount of coins instead. 

In other exciting news, there is no max level- so you earn as many prize boxes as you want! Keep leveling up your character to build an infinite hoard of wealth that even a dragon would envy. 

These boxes can only be earned with experience- the more you play, the more loot you’ll receive! 🎁

Looking to find some friends to play with? Join our official discord and meet other Spacers!

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