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Space Junkies non-VR Open Beta!

Hello Spacers!

We will be hosting an Open Beta for a non-VR version of Space Junkies!

Join us for the Open Beta from July 25th – August 7th on Uplay (PC Only) and test your skills in the Orbital Arenas as you face off in extreme battles!

Don’t forget to preload the beta on Wednesday 24th

During the Open Beta, crossplay between VR and non-VR players will be enabled and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the Space Junkies forums!

Looking to find some friends to play with? Join our official discord!

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2 thoughts on “Space Junkies non-VR Open Beta!

  1. 0
    Only a generic Uplay link is given above. I don't see anyway to sign up for this with the link given.
    1. Space Junkies
      Hi spacer, The sign up/preload phase will be starting on Wednesday 24th at 9am UTC One day left!

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