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One King to Rule Them All!

Which Spacer among you is fit to rule the Orbital Arenas? Challenge your rivals to a King game mode match to find out!

Invite your opponent to a lobby and select the King mode on any map. Choose your weapons carefully- you won’t be able to change your equipment unless someone assassinates you and steals your crown. After you arrive on the map of your choice, you will have 10 seconds to prepare before the crown spawns in the middle of the area. Will you go straight for the crown and take out anyone who gets in your way, or do you prefer to hide in the shadows and take out your competition when their guard is down?

As soon as a player claims the crown, the countdown to victory begins. Contenders earn one point per second while they’re wearing the crown, and an additional 5 points for each kill. The first Spacer to reach 100 points wins the crown and bragging rights- until their reign is challenged again!

Do you want to seek out challengers? Join our official discord and meet other Spacers!

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