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Orbital Arenas: Organic Belt

Here’s a first look at one of our Orenas, Organic Belt, available at the launch of Space Junkies. This large asteroid cluster has turned out to be the perfect environment for a rare species of fluorescent space weed to grow (yes, you’ve just read that right, “fluorescent space weed” – isn’t it glorious?).

But don’t get too dazzled by this splendid natural phenomenon for too long or you’ll end up being caught off guard and blasted into oblivion by enemy spacers!

Use your environment and hide in the weeds to go undetected by enemy intel. Avoid enemies by dodging through tunnels and boulders, and then go all out for a surprise strike. Oh, and definitely don’t forget to look UP: enemies can come at you from any direction! Think tactically and choose your weapons carefully as your lines of sight and angles will make a difference in whether you win… or lose.
This environment will be especially tricky to master and control since an asteroid field offers few safe positions. This Orena is not for the faint of heart!


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