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Space Junkies announcement

Hello Spacers,

Since we started working on Space Junkies, our approach to development has been based on an iterative mindset. VR is truly an adventure and we’re not about to get off the ride just yet!

Over the past few months, we’ve been conducting a series of live phases. Thanks to these tests and your feedback, we’ve been able to work on fine-tuning Space Junkies and got many ideas on how to improve the player experience. Space Junkies will now launch in 2019. This new release timeframe will ensure we deliver on our promise of being the best VR FPS set in micro gravity, and we hope you can hang in there a bit longer!

We’ll continue to run live phases and we appreciate your help in getting Space Junkies to where we and, of course, you the players want it to be. Stay tuned for more details in the near future!

– The Space Junkies Team

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3 thoughts on “Space Junkies announcement

  1. 0
    Me and my friend are so excited for this game! Huge praise to you for making a game tailored for VR-multiplayer.
  2. zippo potamme
    hello, is there a date approximatively for the launch ?
    1. Hey there, Space Junkies is scheduled to release Spring 2019 so stay tuned :)

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