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Take Over Space in Style!

Every Spacer needs a signature look! 

Space Junkies contains a variety of different customization items to help you stand out from the competition: 

·       Character skins

·       Weapon skins

·       Player banner and icons

·       Helmet plugs

Every item in the armory can be earned by playing the game! Spacers earn prize boxes at every level, which have a chance to contain loot or coins. 

Do you have your eye on a specific item that you haven’t been lucky enough to find in a prize box? Save up your coins and buy it from the armory! Lean more about level progression and boxes here.  

Now that you know how to expand your armory, get out there and level up to treat yourself to a shopping spree! 

Looking to find some friends to play with? Join our official discord and meet other Spacers!

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