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Who is the deadliest Spacer among your friends?

Team up with a friend to fight against another deadly duo. Open up a lobby with four of your friends, select the Team Deathmatch mode on any map, and choose your ally! All four of you will start out with the equipment from the lobby selection, so choose your weapons carefully. The first time your team kills an enemy, they will have a chance to change their setup in the locker room before respawning. Each kill awards one point, but the point system is a double edged sword. You lose a point every time one of your teammates dies from friendly fire, so watch where you’re shooting! The first team to reach 15 points will emerge victorious. If you want to draw out your opponent’s humiliation until the end of the match, just make sure you have more points when the five minute timer counts down to zero. Plan your strategy with your teammate, and the two of you will be unstoppable.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge you need, recruit a friend and take over the Orbital Arenas!

You want to team up? Join our official discord and meet other Spacers!

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